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Enter a new accommodation
Additional hotels, apartment facilities and holiday homes can be entered to the catalog any time. There is a one-time fee of 965.00 Euro *) which includes:
pointer Fabrication of a duly database compatible internet presentation (website)
both in English and German languages
pointer Integration of 10 photos
pointer Adoption or fabrication of 1 logo
pointer Installation of a slide show with up to 20 photos of larger scale
pointer Installation of a user guiding reservation form
pointer Immediate publishing in the directories of
pointer and
pointer Submission to the major internet search engines and portals
(as far as free of charge)
pointer Actualization of price lists, descriptions and photos
yearly and/or if required
pointer Handling of all on-line reservations by Logo reservation service /
12 months per year
Participation in the  Logo  Quality Management System
At 29.00 Euro *) per year, domain names such as to be linked with your website are also available. This price already includes all additional costs e.g. for operation of name servers etc.
Although an own domain name is not essential for publishing a website, it is of some advantage e.g. for showing it in print matters or business cards. It also allows installation of an e-mail account such as (included in the price as well).
*) All prices plus statutory V.A.T.
Enter a new accommodation
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